Bradley Pederson, CPA




Attestation Services

Every business has a time when they need an independent review of financial data.  Our experts are able to perform a wide range of attestation services.  Whether your needs are to comply with requirements of lending institutions, supplies, regulatory agencies, or to present to board members and other interested parties, we are available to assist you.


Our attestation department has knowledge to perform attestations, reviews and compilations for a wide variety of industries.

Our experience allows us to provide a proficient attestation of your businesses financials.

Our goal is to make your business run as smooth and as efficient as possible. As a business owner we can help you have the time to focus on your vision. 

Areas of expertise for our Attestation specialists:


·         Audit

o    Highest level of service

o    Critical review

o    Selected independent verification of financial information

o    Results in the independent, professional opinion of a certified public accountant attesting to the accuracy and fairness of financial statements

·         Review

o    Evaualtion of finanical statements
o    Uses management inquires, analytical procedures, knowledge of buisiness and the industry

o    Provides "limited assurance"

·         Compilation

o    Assembles financial data and presents in the form of a financial statement

o    Does not express any assurance on the statements