Sherry Jean Larson CPA, MBA





Business Services

We are committed to being your financial resource.  We offer a variety of services to assist your company assess its current situation, identify short and long term goals, and complete your current project or assist you in starting a new venture.
Our business services department is knowledgeable in available government incentives, industry trends and knows what the investment and financial communities are expecting.
Our business services department has experience in assisting over 200 businesses develop and expand their company.
Our primary goal is to help you take your ideas and make them reality. We can help you realize the potential in your venture and create a successful business vision.

Areas of expertise for our Business service specialists:


·         Development stage business

o    Entity analysis and organizational consulting

o    Strategic planning

o    Entity governance planning

o    Construction budget preparation

o    Forecasted financial statements

o    Analysis of alternatives

o    Business plan preparation

o    Grant applications

·         Operating businesses

o    Financial forecast

o    Analysis

·         Distressed Assets

o    Financial forecast

o    Bankruptcy analysis

·         Turn around companies

o    Cash flow analysis

o    Restructure planning

·         Sales and acquisitions

o    Financial forecasting

o    Purchase price analysis

o    Capital budgeting decisions

·         Special purchase analysis

·         Insurance issues

·         Grain dealer licenses