Bradley Pederson, CPA




Controller Services

Controller service is a term we use to describe a wide range of upper level accounting services that are critical for management analysis and board decision making.
Click here to download a flyer describing the CFO and Controller Services offered by Christianson & Associates.
Our controller services department comes with a wealth of experience in the private sector as well as experience in public accounting.  This depth of knowledge will help your business in any stage of accounting transition.
Our controller services department is comprised of individuals with real world experience and know-how including former CFOs, controllers, and GL managers. 
Our goal is to provide you a vision through a time of transition, whether it be staff turn-over, a leave of absence or a business that is transitioning growth in their accounting department temporarily.

Areas of expertise for our Controller service specialists:


·         CFO

o    Budgets and projections

o    Banking relationships

o    SEC filing

o    Financial statement review and

·         Controller

o    Financial statement responsibilities

·         General Ledger Manager

o    Reconciling the ledger