John Nelson




Estate Planning

Estate Planning can be a time of reflection and emotion.  Our experts take the time to ensure that your needs are heard and met in the most tax efficient means possible.   
Our estate planning department has knowledge in state and federal estate tax law and providing unique solutions that comply with all requirements while balancing your needs.
Our experience from successfully completing numerous estate plans for a number of clients by maximizing wealth transfer and minimizing tax consequences will provide you the necessary tools to achieve your goals.
Our estate planning experts develop goals with your input to ensure the vision of your retirement is successfully accomplished.   

Areas of expertise for our estate planning experts:


·         Wealth transfer planning

·         Retirement planning

·         Business/farm transfer or sale planning

·         Tax research and planning for optimum tax efficiency

·         Tax form preparation including estates and trusts

·         Tax audit support

·         Estate planning to ensure that designated heirs receive
the correct assets with the least amount of tax liability