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Intellego Biofuels ERP Software 

Go with the leader. Intellego is the industry-leading, full-featured, commodity-enabled, ERP toolset for process manufacturing. As the leader, Intellego reflects the vision of a great innovative process. The Intellego product was developed and continues to evolve by defining the need, documenting the process and developing the features needed to help provide an innovative solution.   
Intellogo's feature rich capabilities is seen in it's core modules: 
  • Commodity Procurement
  • Purchase Contract Management
  • Standard Scale Interface
  • Discount Schedules and Program Charges
  • Inventory Management
  • Settlement Processing
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Electronic Document Exchange (Ag XML)
  • Sales Contract Management
  • Load Order Management
  • Shipment Processing
  • Invoice Processing
  • Hedge Management
  • Risk Reporting and Analysis
Quality, security and reliability are the hallmarks of this innovative product. Users appreciate its familiar Microsoft Windows user interface and Microsoft Office integration. This is one reason why more Biofuels organizations choose Intellego/Microsoft Dynamics GP than any other brand. Go with the leader.
Intellego provides the functionality to drive business results.  Most choose Intellego because of its superior capabilities and tight integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Some other reasons to choose Intellego Biofuels ERP are as follows:
  • Go With The Leader -  As the industry leader, Intellego has helped procure over 15 billion bushels of grain and helped ship over 20 billion gallons of ethanol for biofuels organizations.  Intellego not only was the first to send and receive transactions via AgXML, is also processes more transactions in the biofuels industry via AgXML than any other software.
  • Continuous Innovation - As the leader, Intellego reflects the vision of a great innovative process.  This innovative process has produced over 1,100 product enhancements in the past 10 years.  Since Intellego is built on and nested in Microsoft Dynamics GP, it leverages Microsoft's continuous innovation and allows int developers to focus on biofuels ERP innovations.
  • Fuels Business Productivity with Automation -  With a flexible, holistic approach to managing business, Intellego connects with people, processes, and information in your organization for best productivity.  Intellego automates many routine and repeating functions, eliminating needless barriers, and allowing employees, partners, suppliers and customers to engage on behalf of shared goals.
  • Ability to Respond to Changes Rapidly  - Respond rapidly to the changing biofuels business climate, and enable your people to make timely and informed decisions with Intellego Biofuels ERP solution.  Intellego delivers integrated commodity supply chain, process manufacturing, risk management and finished product distribution capabilities.  Intellego works like and with the Microsoft products you use today, so employees spend less time learning software and more time being productive.
  • Allows You to Work with a Partner You Know-  When you implement Intellego, you have the comfort knowing you are working with a trusted partner experienced in the biofuels industry.  Having implemented more biofuels ERP systems than any other company in the industry, Christianson and Associates, PLLP, is a partner you can rely on.  We know the biofuels industry so we can focus on fine tuning Intellego to your specific business needs.
  • Intellego the Pioneer -Intellego pioneered electronic data exchange in the Biofuels industry. It was the first Biofuels software to commercially use Ag XML document exchange. Today Intellego is still the leader in automatic document exchange. Our customers use Intellego to exchange thousands of transactions with trading partners on a daily basis. Intellego document exchange is the industry standard.