Teresa Carlson

Payroll Services

The rules and regulation of payroll are complex and time consuming.  Many businesses do not have the need for a full-time payroll processor.  It is difficult for someone who does not perform payroll duties consistently to keep up with the changes of payroll rules and regulations.

Our payroll department has knowledge of performing payroll for a wide range of businesses, from a few employees to companies with multiple locations. 

Our experience allows us to provide a proficient payroll solution for businesses that do not need a full-time payroll department, or who choose to outsource payroll to our team for their expertise.

Our goal is to make your business run as smoothly and as efficiently as possible. We can help you, as a business owner, find more time to focus on your vision without worrying about the payroll matters of your business. 

Areas of expertise for Payroll Department experts:


·         Implement payroll  

·         Process payroll, cut checks or provide direct deposit
·         Process online payroll tax payments 

·         Provide payroll summary to employer

·         Perform payroll garnishments / child support etc.

·         Provide payroll advice 

·         Implement Flex Plans - Healthcare premium, medical reimbursement, child care reimbursement 

·         Retirement plan 401K, simple plan SEP etc. processing

·         Analysis of benefit options - vacation, sick leave, PTO, disability, cafeteria plans, health insurance.