Bradley Pederson




Practice Monitoring Program

Christianson & Associates, PLLP brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to a Peer Review.

Our peer review department has knowledge of a full service accounting firm with 25 years of experience in public accounting. 

We specialize in working closely with our clients providing, audit, review, compilation, consulting, tax and business services.  Our staff is experienced in assisting clients with quality control and compliance issues. 

  Our peer review department serves a wide variety of industries:  ag production, ag business, construction, health care, hospitality, manufacturing,non-profit, renewable energy and retail.  Our experience allows us to provide a proficient review.

Our goal is to ensure you receive a timely, efficient and cost effective peer review that will enhance your company's quality control and audit practice success.   This will allow you to focus on your vision


We provide both System and Engagement Reviews:

A system review is a holistic test of a firm's compliance with quality control standards for a specific one-year period of time.  The peer reviewer evaluates a firm's compliance with quality control procedures in a variety of areas.

An engagement review tests compliance with standards for a limited selection of accounting engagements during a one-year time period.  This report concludes on the firm's ability to comply only on those specific engagements and not on the entire system of quality control for the firm.