Kari Buttenhoff, CPA
Supervisor- RIN





RIN Consulting and Attest Engagement Services

The RIN experts at C&A make it a priority to keep our clients in compliance and up-to-date on all EPA regulations and mandates.
Our knowledge of the changes in regulations from RFS1 to RFS2 will provide a smooth and easy transition for our clients.
Our experience in completing over 135 attestations will help you navigate the cumbersome regulations to ensure you are in compliance with the regulations that apply to your company.
Our work with producers, marketers, terminal operators and obligated parties allows us to have the necessary vision to understand the full complexity of RIN Reporting.

Areas of expertise for our RIN specialists:


·         Assist with navigation of regulations to ensure compliance

·         Assist with preparation of quarterly reports

·         Assist with preparation of annual reports

·         Review reports to ensure accuracy