Joel Gratz, CPA


Tax Services

Our tax experts research and develop a tax strategy that outlines a
variety of options from which you can select to satisfy your needs in
the most tax efficient means as possible.
Our tax department is well versed in tax law and tax incentives to ensure that our clients are able to minimize tax exposure and related expenses by capitalizing on our knowledge.
Our tax department serves a wide variety of industries:  ag production, ag business, construction, health care, hospitality, manufacturing, renewable resources and retail.  Our experience in dealing with unique and complex tax situations across many industries is a benefit to all of our clients.
Our primary goal is to listen to your needs and provide a vision that accomplishes your objectives in the most tax advantageous means possible. 

Areas of expertise for our tax specialists:


·         Income tax research and planning for greatest tax benefit

·         Income tax form preparation

·         Income tax audit support

·         Partnership tax planning

·         Income tax credit maximization / utilization

·         Entity analysis

·         Merger & acquisition tax planning

·         Ownership transfer / sale planning

·         Depreciation maximization / utilization