C&A’s RIN compliance team is worth their weight in gold. They are very knowledgeable, timely in responding, and are nice to work with. They send out valuable information to keep us updated on RIN changes.

LaMae Drier - Controller , Ace Ethanol, LLC

We want our members to have the best tax advantages as legally possible, C&A has helped us do just that throughout our working relationship, including an entity restricting to partnership taxation.

Rob Cartensen - Accounting Manager , Minnesota Soybean Processors

Our company has grown from 50 to 250 employees. An accounting team willing to work with us while we were small and also competent to keep pace with our growth has been indispensable.

Jim Hall - CFO , Big River Resources, LLC

Accountants are great at finding things you do wrong.  C&A is even better at helping me identify the things I do well and ways I can do even better.

Val Selness - Practice Manager , Fischer Laser Eye Center

I never thought that I would say I don’t mind being audited, but C&A sure makes the experience as seamless and painless as possible for our financial statement audit.

Rob Cartensen - Accounting Manager , Minnesota Soybean Processors

When we were looking to expand our operation to another location, their team helped use evaluate the options.  Tax, regulatory, zoning, employment, incentives, suppliers, distributers. Their comprehensive, strategy-based approach enabled our management to make an informed decision.

Jim Hall - CFO , Big River Resources, LLC

C&A has knowledge of my business, experience with my industry, and a vision for staying relevant into the future.

Gary Grotjohn - CFO , Little Sioux Corn Processors

News & Events

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MN Minimum Wage Increase 2016

Effective August 1, 2016, the minimum wage in Minnesota is set to increase.  This increase will impact all businesses including agri-businesses.  Below is a brief overview of the new minimum wage rates for hours worked beginning August 1, 2016. LARGE EMPLOYER Any enterprise with an annual gross dollar volume of sales made or business done
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Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts – Presidential Tax Policies

Tax Policy Highlights of the Presidential Candidates Joel Gratz and Bradley Pederson discuss the tax policies of the presidential candidates and how they will affect you.   Also, listen to our latest radio ad focusing on our Ag Producers.


Come visit us at FEW 2016

Come see our experts present at the 2016 FEW and visit our booth, #1134.   Track 2: Leadership and Financial Management Didn’t See that Coming: Best Practices for Being Ready for Unforeseen Weather Events, Inspections, Legal Events and other Uncommon Occurrences Phil Cleary, Technical Research Consultant, Christianson & Associates PLLP Ethanol and the Oil Spill
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Documentation, Preparation For The FSMA Ride

Documentation, Preparation For The FSMA Ride Philip Cleary   The threat of getting a ticket isn’t the only reason I take my safety seriously; I wore a seatbelt long before the advent of primary seatbelt laws. That’s why I often feel frustrated with the proliferation of laws designed to protect me from myself, like “Click
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Tax Update 1

ACA Tax Update

ACA UPDATE There was a change to the due dates of the 2015 ACA reporting requirements for Forms 1095/1094‐C and 1095/1094‐B. The furnishing of the 1095’s to the individual employees has been extended from 2/1/16 to 3/31/16. The filing of the 1094’s and 1095’s with the IRS has been extended from 2/29/16 to 5/31/16, if not filing electronically and from 3/31/16 to 6/30/16
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