Name Position Phone Email Licenses / Accreditation
A.J. VanVickle IT Supervisor 320-441-5546
Andy Pirrotta Payroll Specialist/Staff Accountant 320-441-5537
Angela Furney Project Account Lead 320-441-5543 MBSS: GP 10.0 Financials, MBSS: GP 10.0 Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations
Bradley Pederson Partner 320-441-5507 CPA
Brady Riopelle Business Consultant 320-441-5554 Microsoft Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Microsoft Specialist
Bruce Lichty System Solutions Lead 320-441-5630
Chelsey Mueller Supervisor 320-441-5527 CPA
Christina Boike Supervisor 320-441-5532
Claudia Becerra Compliance Services Specialist 320-441-5542
Connie Lindstrom Biofuels Benchmarking Consultant 320-441-5516
Courtney Litzau Staff Accountant 320-441-5620
Dustin Kotrba Manager 320-441-5553 CPA
Fred Gould Business Development 320-441-5541 CPA inactive Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations, Microsoft Sales Specialist Assessment -ERP, Microsoft Standard Sales Assessment CRM
Gabe Williams Senior Accountant 320-441-5625 CPA
Hal Beauvais Personal Account Lead and Application Specialist 320-441-5551 MBSS GP 9.0 Install & Configuration, MBSS: GP 9.0 Financials
James Gades Supervisor 320-441-5528
Jamey Cline Business Development Director 573-680-6499
Janet Pagel Business Consultant 320-441-5539
Jennifer Quale Benefits Consultant 320-441-5529
Joel Gratz Partner 320-441-5508 CPA
John Christianson Managing Partner 320-441-5505 CPA
John Nelson Estate Planning Manager 320-441-5521 CPA, JD, MLT
Jordan Rettmann Senior Accountant 320-441-5523
Joshua Erickson Software Developer / Network Admin 320-441-5514
Kaitlyn Ostergren Staff Accountant 320-441-5526
Kari Buttenhoff Manager 320-441-5515 CPA
Karla Olinger Payroll Specialist / Staff Accountant 320-441-5518
Kathy Koepp Manager 320-373-1043 ABA, EA
Keith Cooreman Manager 320-441-5604 CPA, GCMA
Kristie Haefner Firm Administrator 320-441-5624
Lindsay Kranz Supervisor 320-441-5614 CPA
Lynette Haglund Administrative Assistant 320-441-5937
Mark Nicholson Tax and Estate Planning 320-693-7918 CPA
Mary Jakel Software Support 320-441-5613 MBSS GP 9.0 Install & Configuration, MBSS: GP 9.0 Financials
Michelle Larson Staff Accountant 320-373-1047
Philip Cleary Compliance Analyst 320-441-5538
Ron Moen Staff Accountant 320-441-5603 CPA
Sandy Holtberg Benchmarking Consultant 320-441-5549
Sara DeRoo Partner 320-441-5525 CPA
Sarah Snyder Supervisor 320-441-5520 Enrolled Agent
Sheila O’Meara Project Account Lead 320-441-5550 MBSS: GP 10.0 Financials, MBSS: GP 10.0 Inventoryᅠ& Distribution, MGSS: GP HR & Payroll
Teresa Carlson Manager 320-441-5503
Terri Anderson Staff Accountant 320-373-1045
Zach Hauser Staff Accountant 320-441-5616