Name Position Phone Email Licenses / Accreditation
A.J. VanVickle IT Manager 320-441-5546 [email protected]
Amanda Fredin Supervisor 320.441.6481 [email protected]
Amanda Jewell Audit Supervisor 320-441-5606 [email protected] CPA, ISO 9001, LCFS, Lean Practitioner, Lean Six Sigma green belt, OR CFP
Andrew Marsh Compliance Auditor 320-441-5520 [email protected]
Andy Manuel Compliance Auditor 320-441-5628 [email protected]
Angela Nave Senior Accountant 320-441-5526 [email protected]
Bradley Pederson Partner 320-235-5937 [email protected] CPA
Brian Orsten Senior Accountant 320.441.5513 [email protected]
Brooke Fischer Project Coordinator 320-441-5605 [email protected]
Carissa Alger Senior Accounting Specialist 320.441.5519 [email protected]
Cassidy Ruppert Staff Accountant 320.441.5610 [email protected]
Cece Roeder Senior Marketing Manager 320.441.5512 [email protected]
Chelsea Olson Manager of Business Advisory Services 320-441-5556 [email protected]
Chelsey Mueller Partner 320-441-5527 [email protected] CPA
Connie Lindstrom Biofuels Benchmarking Analyst 320-441-5516 [email protected]
Danielle Anderson Senior Government Policy and Advocacy Manager 815.760.0950 [email protected]
Dustin Kotrba Partner 320-441-5553 [email protected] CPA
Eric Timon Compliance Auditor 320.441.5635 [email protected]
Gabe Williams Supervisor 320-441-5625 [email protected] CPA
Heidi Riley Bookkeeping & Payroll Specialist 320.441.5555 [email protected]
James Gades Finance Manager 320-441-5528 [email protected]
Jamey Cline Partner 573-680-6499 [email protected]
Jean Raatz Central Coordinator 320-441-5548 [email protected]
Jen Engel Human Resources 320-441-5502 [email protected]
Joan Strong Senior Outsourcing Specialist (815) 541-1900 [email protected]
Joel Gratz Managing Partner 320-235-5937 [email protected] CPA
John Christianson Director 320-235-5937 [email protected] CPA
John Patock Financial Consultant 320-441-5619 [email protected] Certified Long Term Care (CLTC), Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC)
Jon Skindelien Senior Accountant 320-441-5544 [email protected]
Jordan Albrecht Staff Accountant 320.441.5523 [email protected]
Jordan Lefebvre Compliance Auditor 320.441.5532 [email protected]
Joshua Erickson Software Developer / Network Admin 320-441-5514 [email protected]
Justin Cardinal Staff Accountant 320.441.5621 [email protected]
Kari Buttenhoff Partner 320-441-5515 [email protected] CPA, ISCC, LCFS, MRR, OR CFP
Karla Olinger Payroll Specialist / Staff Accountant 320-441-5518 [email protected]
Karlee Kern Senior Accountant 320.235.5937 [email protected] CPA
Kathryn Mueller Manager 320-441-5511 [email protected] CPA
Kathy Koepp Manager 320-373-1043 [email protected] ABA, EA
Keith Cooreman Manager 320-441-5604 [email protected] CPA, GCMA
Kiona Sperr Consultant 320.441.5624 [email protected]
Kresson Gruthusen Administrative Assistant 320-235-5937 [email protected]
Leah Mumpower Audit Supervisor 320.441.5622 [email protected]
Lexi Kopacek Staff Accountant 320.441.5637 [email protected]
Lindsay Kranz Manager 320-441-5614 [email protected] CPA
Lindsey Fischer Senior Payroll Specialist 320-441-5638 [email protected]
Lisa Christensen Senior Data Analyst 320.235.5937 [email protected]
Melanie Quint Senior Tax Accountant 320.235.5937 [email protected]
Michael Masterovsky Senior Manager, Business Advisory Services 320-235-5937 [email protected]
Michelle Larson Supervisor 320-373-1047 [email protected]
Nikki Puzakulics Accounting Specialist 320.441.5538 [email protected]
Olivia Riley Compliance Auditor 320.441.5615 [email protected]
Rebecca Johnson Tax Manager 320.235.5937 [email protected] CPA
Sandy Holtberg Benchmarking Program Manager 320-441-5549 [email protected]
Sara DeRoo Partner 320-235-5937 [email protected] CPA
Shane Ewy Supervisor 320-441-5627 [email protected] CPA, ISCC, LCFS, OR CFP
Stephanie Louis Senior Accounting Specialist 320.441.5545 [email protected]
Tanner Dahle Staff Accountant 320.441.5531 [email protected]
Teresa Carlson Partner 320-441-5503 [email protected] EA
Terri Anderson Payroll Specialist & Staff Accountant 320-373-1045 [email protected]
Tina Taufen Operations Coordinator 320.268.9991 ext. 991 [email protected]
Toni Newberg Senior Accountant 320-441-5547 [email protected]
Toni Sing Firm Administrator 320-441-5634 [email protected]
Virginia Bennett Accounting and Payroll Specialist 320.441.5559 [email protected] Quickbooks Online ProAdvisor, Six Sigma Green Belt
Zach Hauser Manager 320-441-5616 [email protected] LCFS, MRR, OR CFP, OR GHG